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Go Online in No Time! Software for secure online classes

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Be it for students or employees, having online classes is the need of the hour. Organizations accross the globe are finding it difficult to manage and provide effective online learning and gradings.

Few Organizations have tried free tools like, Zoom / Google Meet etc. The problem with these system are, the data is not organized at all, and if you wish to revisit your data, you will not be able to do it so. Another huge drawback of these systems are, student or the employees will never be able to access the stored videos or classes.

How revaalo labs can help you?

Along with traditional streaming support, our system also helps in face-to-face learning by saving a lot of time and money for your organization. Cater your courses for large set of students and analyse the performance of your user in realtime.

Who is using our system?

Our system has been used by organizations with strength upto 50k. Be it a small group of people or for larger audience, our system is designed to use the resources optimally and hence help you in minimizing your costs.

Feature - Secure online classes

High quality video streaming for group of all sizes. be it a one-on-one class or a large group of stundents, our software can handle the streaming seamlessly.

Create Unlimited Courses

Upload pre-recorded course videos and add them to your classes easily. Students learn best at their own pace. Make sure your students can absorb lessons by allowing them to pause, rewind, and rewatch your courses.

Student and Instructors Management

Edit profiles of students and instructors. Create batches, give restricted access to students.

Activate deactive students in click of a button

Assignment Management

Managing assignments has never been so easy. View dashboard, read and respond to assignments. Add evaluators to check your assignment submissions.

Clear Doubts and Chat one - on - one

With complete access to dashboard, teachers will be able to see all doubts in dashboard and answer them.

Students can initiate one-on-one chats with teachers right from the course page to get cleared of their doubts.

Teachers or teaching assistants can answer student doubts.

Restricted access to courses

Never lose your resources. These courses are hard to make. We understand the sweat gone in making it. We provide the facility of restricted access to classes and videos.

Make sure only specific people are accessing your classes. Track and trace unauthorised access.

And finally! Promote Online learning by creating virtual classes and batches. Deliver high quality courses with no ambiguity on security and unauthorized access. Manage and grade students in real time. Engage with students in clearing their doubts, track assigments. Go Online ! Do More!

Get the software now.

Contact Us for Ecomonical & effective Online Education System now!

Email Us: labs@revaalo.in

Tel: +91- 9739979273 / 9686192094

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