IoT & IIoT Solutions

Revaalolabs provides a dedicated platform for IoT. The platform is meant to handle varied requirements ranging from data acquisition to processing. The platform works by collecting data from various IoT devices to process and visualize the analytics and data thus received.

At Revaalolabs, we attach the unconnected and unrelated open standards, with integrated planning from the cloud to end devices with outstanding security and reliability. Connect your machines, devices, workers, facilities, and entire systems to the industrial IoT. Gain powerful new capabilities to digitally transform your business.

What IoT Solution Can We Build for You?

Our loT services connect your business with the physical world. We make your business smarter and agile using big data, cloud, and machine learning technology.

* Connected Assets: Know where and how your business assets are being used
* Connected Operations: Improve your operations by collecting data and analyzing it through advanced analytic technology to obtain insights and increase predictability.
* Connected Supply Chain: Tap into the data gathered by IoT devices, and get complete visibility of products, all the way from manufacturer to retailer.
* Connected Facilities: Empower facilities monitoring and management
* Connected Manufacturing: Improve production efficiency using smarter decisions made possible through advanced analytics enabled by IoT



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